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Month of July 2018


Anthony Arnold


2015 National Poetry Awards                                            Freedom poet of the year 

2018 BHM Poet

2018 Ganspa Society People's choice awards for July

Published works
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Anthony Arnold, born in Tampa, and raised by his grandmother in a little town called Quincy in the Florida panhandle, wrote his first piece in the third grade and fell in love with writing ever since that moment; writing has become a comfort and a mainstay to keep him focused.  As an avid reader of all genres of literature, Anthony has found a particular passion for black history.

He believes that his ancestry and the ones that have come before him have given their blood, sweat and tears to make it possible for him to live a life of freedom and liberation.  Anthony is saddened to the fact that the current generation lacks knowledge and don’t seem to know or speak of family history, our history or black history. 

Writing gives Anthony the ability to educate those that have no clue about the things that African Americans have faced and write of things that they will never be taught in schools, shedding light on the strength of our people.

Anthony’s love for fellow man grew during his service to our country where he served and was awarded numerous medals, including The Air Force Achievement Medal-1986, 1993 and 2001 and many more. 

His desire is to show the younger generation where they come from and to let them know we are much more than what society has labeled us!

Winner of the 2015 National Poetry Awards Freedom Poet of the Year and the 2018 BHM Poet and the 2018 Ganspa people's choice award for July.