Ms. Abney is a veteran and federally employed with over 21 years of government service. She is a 2008 graduate from University of Phoenix with a Masters in Management and Public Administration and is currently pursuing her doctorate with Walden University in Public Policy and Administration with emphasis in Leadership.

Ms. Abney is a business and career consultant, motivational speaker and published co-author of “Perfectly Imperfect: See Yourself through the Eyes of God”. She is a contributing author of the first academic book that focus on women servant leaders in Women in Public Administration: Theory and Practice, Chapter 9 – Minority Women in Public Administration which focus on the barriers and challenges of minority women in the workplace. And the author of Building People – Building Kingdom book series “The Business Plan”.

As an ordained minister, Ms. Abney’s passion for ministry goes beyond the four walls, specifically to teens (9th – 12th Grade) in the area of Leadership and Character Development. She is the founder of Victory Leadership Group, Inc. a 501c3 nonprofit organization that offers workshops that prepare teens for success as they transition from high school into the workforce using a Character Life Skills curriculum as the foundation for learning. She is involved in a strategic alliance with various schools and businesses throughout the Georgia and South Carolina area. In addition, Ms. Abney conduct workshops designed and tailored for adults and small businesses through community collaborative efforts.

She is the mother of three and a grandmother residing in Hephzibah, GA.


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LinkedIn: @lia-abney

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