Meet Evan Dupri

Chicago native Evan Dupri is a versatile, budding artist who has built his core following in Murfreesboro, TN, where he has spent the bulk of his upbringing. Though Dupri is still young in the flesh, he is no amateur to the music world, as he has been writing and recording his original content for over 10 years. Constantly on the move, he has made the most of his networking opportunities all across the nation in states such as CA, TN, IL, GA, and many more. 

Congratulations on your graduation. A lot of artist skip school. How important do you think education is to an entertainer?

School isn't for everyone. School wasn't for me either. I got my degree for my parents. My mom is the only one in her family with a degree. I have an older brother and younger sister who are in school, but I was the first of the children to get a degree. I wanted to set the tone. If you got what it takes to get through school, by all means do so! But a degree doesn't define the person. It's all about hard work and dedication that's going to set you aside from the rest. 

How would you explain your music genre?

I explain my genre as Neo-Soul Hip Hop. I just try an be an artist, and paint my pictures with words. 

Who are your influences?

My influences are definitely Andre 3000, Kanye , HOV and Kendrick. I have a lot of other artist I listen to, but I try and pull a little bit from everyone to create a style I can call my own.

What coming up for you in the near future?  


My future is unfolding everyday. I don't know were I'll be tomorrow, so I just work as hard as I can everyday to make sure my dreams become a reality. 

Your best piece of advice and go… Only advise I could give is a quote that I live by. The quote reads "Good, Better, Best, Never Let It Rest, Till Your Good Is Better, And Your Better Is Best" never settle for nothing less then the best. It will take you far. 

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