Southern Fried Slam Poetry

Champions Slammageddon

How did you come up with the name Slammageddon?


It is partly in honor of Slamacide, the original Baltimore slam venue that sent teams to nationals back in the early 2000s. Was one of the places where I really learned how to slam at and found out what this was all about. If your going to go into battle, go in with a daunting name! 

Congratulations on your second consecutive win at Southern Fried Poetry! How did your team come together? 

Slammageddon Baltimore originally came together in 2015 when the Slam venue became Psi certified.

What are the members names?

Slangston Hughes , Grim Jackson , Black Chakra, Kenneth Something,

Lady Brion, and alternates : Mecca Morphosis  and Duke The Rude , Coach Lamar Hill

Briefly tell us about the organization behind your team. 
Slammageddon Baltimore just happens to be made up of poets who are all teaching artists for DewMore Baltimore which is a literary non-profit based out of Baltimore that provides poetry based programming for high school and middle school students throughout Baltimore. 

What’s next for Slammageddon Baltimore team? 
Up next is the National Poetry Slam being held this year in Chicago. We won it in 2016 when it was down in Atlanta. Suffice to say we are on a mission to get back to the preverbal mountain top. Also at the beginning of 2018 myself and several members of pervious Slammageddon teams founded the Tubman City Collective. Dedicated to spreading our brand of unapologetically black Spoken Word Poetry to places and platforms beyond just the slam stage. 



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