Renata Brown

Editor in Chief

From the Editor

America’s Scar Tissue

The very tissue of this country is borne out of a brutal history of enslavement. Skin is amazing in the fact that it can heal and renew, yet still bare the markings of the injury. Instead of hiding its’ past America proudly displays statues and commemorative portraits in the very places that decree “Liberty and Justice for All”.  How can this country truly heal and move forward with the vestiges of evil are laid open for all to see? Black’s don’t want to erase history; we want a chance to heal and move on, to close the wound.

The fact that Mississippi in 2020 has just voted out the confederate emblem on the state flag is both hopeful and disgraceful all at once. We are not asking anymore we are demanding and advocating for the right to be healed.  We cannot remain comfortable with your comfort at the expense of our pain. If America is to begin the journey to wholeness of all its citizen, the least it can do is take down the daily reminders of our wounds.

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