Is Toxicity Making Us Worse?

Ebonie Akinsete

Imagine smiling from ear to ear just to be alive in this world of so much opportunity!  Do you mostly see and experience darkness or light in your world?  Do you ever radiate and exude JOY?  Do you remember what it’s like?  Do you remember the last time you actually felt JOY?  Do you remember the last time when you CHOSE joy?  The key word here is “CHOSE”!


So, what about toxic people?  Are there toxic people in my life?  The big fat answer to that is YES.  There are people in my life where I feel that I am more at peace when I’m not around them and when I don’t have to speak to them often.  These are usually people who are generally good human beings, but they don’t bring out my best life.  Actually, they drain my energy.

When I’m browsing social media I see people talking about “stay away from toxic people” and “toxic people suck”. 



I’m discussing toxic people today because I think that sometimes people also assume toxic people walk around with a red cape and pitch fork in their hands and cuss you out (hahaha).  I believe that toxic people can include anyone who you feel worse and not yourself when you’re around them. 



This could be due to personality clashes, general clashes in perceptions of life, or even because they’re just really good at pushing your buttons without offering resolutions.  Does this make the person a bad person?  I don’t think that’s always the case.  I prefer to think that we’re all generally good human beings, but some of us just don’t mesh well with each other.  I also believe that some people are a product of their life circumstances and the stories they tell themselves based on their fears and insecurities.  They may consciously and unconsciously project those stories onto others.  Actually, we ALL do it sometimes.


So, how do toxic people in our circle affect our health?  They affect our health because our emotions sometimes drive and impact our food choices, our consistency at exercising, our desire to engage in self-development, our desire to show our true authentic self, and ability to grow.


Let’s face it!  I think we can all agree that none of us are perfect.  We are all struggling with challenges that impact our mood and motivation to be our best selves. 


Today, let’s just take a step back and reflect, observe and attempt to set boundaries, so that we can get back on track with living a healthy life full of simplicity, meaning and purpose it’s important for me to limit my interactions with toxic people, places, and ideas. 


Are you down for the challenge?

I am.


With Love,


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