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Whatever It Takes!

Ebonie Akinsete

Whatever it Takes!

That’s what life is all about, right?  Growing and refusing to stay stagnant!  At least that’s what I believe it’s about.  No matter what your religious or spiritual background is, or lack thereof I think we can all agree that life can sometimes be challenging and that LOVE helps us to grow!  When we have quality support and LOVE in our lives to achieve our goals we can flourish as a human being.  We can change the quality of our lives simply by changing our MIND and changing our ACTIONS.

We ALL have whatever it takes!


It’s not reserved for just some people.  It’s reserved for us ALL!  It’s just up to us to take advantage of being aware of our special talents and gifts and using them.

Are you using those talents and gifts yet to not only feel more fulfilled, but to also influence your perception of this world and the people you inhabit it with?

We are all in this world at the same exact time to help each other grow.  Isn’t that amazing that we get to share this experience at this point in history together?  Isn’t it amazing that we get to learn and help each other?  None of us are better than another.  We ALL have a “whatever it takes attitude”!  It’s inside of us for the things that personally matter to us!  There isn’t anything wrong with you just because you haven’t discovered that “thing” that gives you a “whatever it takes” attitude.  It takes time and sometimes involves removing distractions so that we can focus on our own needs so that our vision becomes crystal clear.


So, for today and everyday just remember that having a “whatever it takes” mentality to enhancing your mind, body and soul not only helps you flourish, but can create a ripple effect to all of us.