Our Belief System Can Lead to Success or Failure?

Ebonie Akinsete

Our Belief System Can Lead to Success or Failure



Recently I spoke with a group of ladies about the power of BELIEF!  Our belief system is based on things we learned through what was taught to us during childhood, societal messages, and what our brain chooses to respond to.  Our beliefs can also adapt over time to new stimuli!

Let’s think about these concepts another way. 


Why is it that two people can be presented the SAME exact information and placed under very similar circumstances in order to implement the new information that they learn and one person will quickly believe that the goal is achievable and the other does not? 


One will also blast through obstacles to achieve the goal because they believed from the beginning that they are capable of achieving and even surpassing their goal.

This week I’m going to engage in an activity to reactivate my own belief system and I’d love it if you also joined me.  For just one week, let’s write down one of our most important goals in a journal and each day of the week we’ll jot down the steps we did that day to lead to accomplishing the goal.  In my opinion, belief is tied to action. 


So, if we truly believe that we can accomplish a goal we will also take necessary action to bring it to fruition.


Are you ready to join me? 


Let’s get started today and make the rest of this year better than what we’ve experienced so far!





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