We ask all our poets to write a Haiku on any subject they desire. 

My doctor said I
have testicular cancer.
Yay. Sounds like a ball.

The Asia Project

Asia Samson

  When did you start writing poetry? I started writing poetry in the 2nd grade. I had just come from the Philippines and discovered Shel Silversteins “Where The Sidewalk Ends.” I was moved by the artwork, to be honest, so I picked it up and read it. That’s when I discovered the writing in it and how creative it was. I thought, ok, let me try to write my own poem. 
  Who if anyone has influenced you? I get influences everywhere. I don’t specifically have one person in mind because I think that I’ve always just taken bits and pieces of things that people have offered. It can be close friends and family or it can be iconic artists and writers.

What are some of your challenges being a full-time artist? It’s always a hustle. You can’t let up. At a regular job, you can maybe slack off here and there or take vacations etc but when you work for yourself and you determine your paycheck, you have to always be on it. But I think it’s an exciting kind of hustle though. It’s fun for me and I get to manage things the way I want.
 If you had a poetry name what would it be? I’m confused by this question lol. My name is Asia Samson. I’m proud of that name and wouldn’t change it.
If you had one message to get out to the world through your poetry what is that message? The message has always been to see it through. My poems deal with struggle and the overcoming of those struggles. My poems have always been personal and vulnerable because the goal is for someone to relate to my life as a testament that their own lives is also worth living and worth the pain and struggle in order to come out on the other side a bit more triumphant.