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12 Appealing Artists to Watch in 2020


Since May 2018, I’ve been curating a micro music blog called HomageCollage. The purpose behind this blog is to homage creatives who’ve, in some form or fashion, inspired me to continue honing my creative. To-date, I’ve posted nearly 900 photos, homaging memorable album releases, birthdays, passings, and mainstream mentions.

The success of effective artists is a positive thing, while at the same time inspires others to go hard for their dreams. 


What 50 say? “Get rich or die trying.” Artists who’ve apparent passion for making music——found in lasting lyrics, and polished production, are definitely worthy of mainstream mention. 


With that, I’ve been subtly soliciting music from new artists I run across online, from the radio and even by word-of-mouth. Here are 12 appealing artists you should follow in 2020. 




Sam U’Elle Blackspeare is a passionate poet, solid singer-songwriter, and cool composer. He raps and sings, and has music on SoundCloud that evokes a mellow mood. Blackspeare’s passion can be heard distinctly on his cover of Donny Hathaway’s ‘Little Ghetto Boy,’ and ‘EnemyInnerMe.’ 


Tree G Music


Tree G Music has always been a superstar, I noticed this when we both were attention growing Huston-Tillotson University in Austin, TX. 


I was quickly mesmerized by Tree G and her Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters, as they strolled and stomped the HT grounds. And, I was even more amazed when I saw her perform at a jazz club in the Lincoln Village shopping center. Tree G used to perform often on campus, and it’s no wonder she’s as far as she is today—persistence, passion, practice—it all meets opportunity. 


And I have the opportunity to share with you her debut album ‘U Don’t Even Call.” The album was released August 2017, and is still blazing the scene, daily racking up views on YouTube


On February 15, 2020, you can catch Tree G on her Missed Call Tour, performing at Stay Gold in Austin, Texas




Miller sent me his new music on Twitter, and I absolutely fell in love with it. ‘Beautiful Summer’ is a song that remembers a good love - a love that makes you forget the bad, and anticipate the good. 


A memorable lyric:


Good God, you never looked better.




This Belgium bombshell has a significant song called ‘Stronger,’ and it replaces feelings of doubt and inadequacy, with feelings of strength and resilience. The song comes from WIZA’s “Nightbird” extended play, which was released on February 16, 2019. 




I met Le’A in January 2020, in Birmingham, AL. She came over to my apartment after a mutual friend mentioned her emerging artistry. Now, this woman is a gifted songstress, with the passion and purpose for making good music.


Le’A, born Leahnetta Robinson, released her new single ‘Mr. Confidence’ in June 19, 2019. This song belongs in urban radio. Vocally and lyrically reminiscent of Avery Sunshine’s ‘Sweet Afternoon,’ she sings of the bright side of intimate relationships—with her lush, breathy vocals, Le’A gushes over the beauty and confidence of her lover. She calls him a “show off” cause he’s oh so appealing...his mind is tasty, and it’s got her blazing. 


Another sensational song by Le’A is ‘Smile (She is Water).’ Just posted in December 2019, the song already has more than 400 views on YouTube. 




Dave Mac followed my HomageCollage on Twitter in December 2019, and as mentioned earlier, sparked my interest in his new music. 


I clicked the linked in his pinned tweet, leading me to his new album “Anything.” This hip hop album is laced with honest and testimonial lyrics, showing us a relatable guy determined to realIze his dreams.  


Recommended tracks on “Anything” are ‘Swag Like Dat,’ ‘I Count,’ ‘In My Zone,’ ‘Mob Ties’ ft. Maurice Weeks, and ‘Life Cycle’ ft. Mark Battles



Like Erykah Badu, J-Don is a Dallas, TX superstar. When I hear the confident keys on his new Mike Money-produced single, ‘Right Time’ ft. Quincy, I get mesmerized. On top of that y’all, the song talks about making time for what you really want. Be it an intimate love, a purposeful career, or anything in the direction of your happiness. 



THNDR is one of my favorite indie artists right now, his music simply satisfies the eclectic ear. His latest album, “A Print of the Sun,’ has a real fantasy feel, and it’s influential lyrics are catchy. 


On LinkedIn a few months ago, I wrote about this album, and it still is in my heavy rotation. “A Print of the Sun” marvelously celebrates life, love, and personifies freedom. Inspiring faith, the album also encourages us to think a little more deeply about our love, and our desires. 



Houston is a Chicago native, ASCAP member, and no rookie to the music industry. She tours internationally, and her music has been featured in Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It.” 


Back in June, I was happy to review her latest set “I Be,” because it’s about being and loving yourself, and unapologetically sharing that love with others. 


Similar to music by Lizzo, Lauryn Hill, and Queen Latifah, Toine Houston’s “I Be” has a clever & casual way of getting a deeper message across. 



Deonte McCoy, better known as Worldwide.Rell, is a remarkable rising rapper in Austin, TX. In 2018, I spotted McCoy for the first time at Facebook Austin, where we both worked as contractors. We were on different teams, but as we ate meals in one café, I found his superstar power undeniable. 


Once I found him on Instagram, I added him to my network. I knew that one day, I’d be paying him homage as well. And look, here I am doing just that….


Worldwide.Rell released his extended play, “SOS:aid,” on March 2, 2019, and it’s already got an Apple Music-starred track: ‘Never Before.’ Another standout track is the confident ‘Redrum.’




Back to the eclectic ear, German House DJ & Producer Tom Franke has a new ‘Amulette’ single, and it’s so futuristic. Other than sitting Indian-style as I type this, I can also imagine listening to it at the gym, en route to work, and on the dance floor. 


Electronica, tropical house, deep house, are genres that I cling to during times of mental decompression. When I want to relax, and slip into a meditative mood, I just press play on music like Franke’s ‘Amulette,’ Nero’s ‘Satisfy,’ Orbital’s ‘Hoo Hoo Ha Ha,’ Basement Jaxx’s ‘U Can’t Stop Me,’ and Boards of Canada’s ‘Telephasic Workshop.’ 



OLI liked my post from April 2, 2019, about Tweet’s “Southern Hummingbird” debut album release. When I clicked on his profile, I noticed he was a rising artist, very dedicated to his craft. I appreciate effective new artists so I’m recommending his fun ‘Wild & Free’ single. 


This club-banger was just released on November 1, 2019, and fans are already creating cute videos to show their support. 


Those are the 12 appealing artists to watch in 2020…planting seeds is what we must do as keepers of God’s Garden.


So if you like good music, go ahead and add theirs to your playlists. 

Taylor Valery is a freelance writer, and music reviewer

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