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Common puts love in action with “Let Love”

“Let Love” is the 12th studio album from Common, and it inspires introspection & good intention. Album was released on August 30, 2019, and it’s already peaked on the US Billboard 200, at no. 118. “Let Love” easily a companion of his second book “Let Love Have the Last Word,” released in May 2019.

“Let Love” has many melodies, ranging from jazz, soul, spoken word, and hip-hop. The “Universal Mind Control” emcee has always delivered music so enlightening and emotive, notably with the release of “Be” in 2005. But, there’s just something about “Let Love” that gives people permission to flow free, and let love be. 

Album opens on the jazz tip, allowing “The Transformation Suite” creator Samora Pinderhughes to show up & show out. This song sets the album’s meditative tone, sparking deep listening and head-nodding.

Of the 11 new songs by Common, I’m most pleased with ‘Hercules,’ which features Swizz Beatz, and ‘Show Me That You Love Me,’ ft. Jill Scott & Samora P. This song inspires the freedom & flow of self-expression, of being, of love. This lyric from ‘Hercules’ supports unapologetic individuality: “Like Jigga n***a, what? What? Who? Who? Don’t care about what other crews do.” 

“Show Me That You Love Me” says “now love in and action is the new vision…show me that you’re there, show me that you care.” Now, those are lyrics for learning. This type of rumination on love says that love is action. And, when we decide to listen, we increase our awareness enough to love (in action).

Practicing loving kindness is what Common is encouraging here, and so I’m highly recommending “Let Love”. He wants us to be the love we wish to not only see, but to receive in the world. God’s love. For, a lack of love for others indicates a lack of love for self, for God. 

This music makes me walk with a little more pride, like Beyoncé’s ‘BIGGER,’ and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Alright.’ “Let Love” is help from heaven, from the universal mind. I encourage its reception

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