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I be house

I be chair

I be root and tree

Planted there


I be soil

I be dirt

I be the seed

Within the earth


I be cement

I be brick

I be the foundation

And the masons that laid it


I be structure

I be building

I be the jack hammer drilling


I be business

I be town

I be the city built from ground


I be hands

I be backs

I be the country

Built on the backs of blacks


I be slave

I be free

I be the descendant

Of those strange fruit hung on trees


I be pharaoh

I be king

I be Dynasties

I be my story (mystery)

Stolen from me


I be Adam

I be Eve

I be the earth

I be ocean, land, and sea


I be staff

I be rod

I be that one 

The blessed child of god


2017 (c) By Diane Vincent

She Said


She said it was more than a principal

More than standing up for each other

It was about reclaiming our power

Demonstrating, marching and resisting the norms

Changing the story to ensure we lead

Guaranteeing our voice be present in a sea of men

She wasn’t forfeiting her option or right to wear a dress or be feminine

This more than a status symbol or pretty face

It was right to be heard

Providing input about the laws and her body

No longer justifying WHY

Removing the misogynist labels and stereotypical excuses

It was about her rights verses her privileges

Her rights said she could vote but it was privilege to care for her body

Her rights said she could apply for the job but it a was privilege to receive equal pay

Her rights said she was guarantee a spot during discussions but it was privilege to be speak

Her right to wear what she wanted but a privilege not to be objectified

It was her right to bear children but a privilege to be a mother

She said it was more than a principal

More than fighting for rights

It was about changing an entire country through a woman’s lens 

Shelby "Mahogany" Wilson

She Said (c) 2018


Artist Shellton Labron

Artist Herman McClenton

Artist:  Ravry Sloan

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