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Renata Brown

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From the Editor

Kobe Bryant

Mamba Out!

It’s been almost a month now since that dreadful Sunday when my Social Media news feed filled up with the horrific news. My mind raced back to the 17-year-old entering the league as a Laker. As a native Southern Californian, I embraced this young phenom as a part of Laker Nation. More than the five championship rings Kobe was a testament to grit and tenacity. He and my son share a birthdate. I never imagined in my lifetime I would witness his first day as a Laker and see his last day on earth.

I’m struggling to find the lessons, beyond the obvious ones, life is fragile and cherish your love ones. In the wake of the fall out from the press coverage I can take one more lesson. Let’s not forget our compassion and humanity. Coverage never supersedes our dignity.