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TreeGMusic Day 


Vocal Powerhouse, Romance of Austin TreeGMusic Upcoming Proclamation Day


Thanks to Steve Adler, mayor of Austin, TX, a growing city brimming with real love for local music culture, the city gets to celebrate TreeGMusic Day annually on 02/20. This new mark in history further shows how far Tree G has come as a local artist, and how far we’ve come in America—it’s definitely something to support and take pride in.


Like many of us, Tree G has learned to overcome adversity with grace & godfidence. Coming from a musical family, the release of her heartfelt debut album “U Don’t Even Call” in August 2017, shows off her heart, skills, and innate ambition for making good music.


With this historical achievement, Tree G sheds bright light on her musical roots, and sets an ambitious example for new artists in ATX, and all the young, black & gifted girls in the world.


Currently on her Missed Call Tour, a total treat for local live music fans, Tree G is performing many songs from her new contemporary soul album “U Don’t Even Call.”


Two Tingz: I’m highly recommending you stream TreeG’s new album “U Don’t Even Call,” and if you’re in Austin, TX on February 20, 2020, stop by the Austin City Hall at 5:30PM CST to witness history being made. Per Tree G on social, the proclamation is scheduled to last until 7:00PM CST, so you will have the rest of the evening to enjoy the new album while making dinner and winding down.

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